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No.6-34, Shan Tung Road, YungKang,Tainan, Tainan County, TW, Taiwan


* acrylic mold & manufacture* New design, OEM / ODM are welcome
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Акриловые продукты
 Acrylic Products (Акриловые продукты)
* Various OEM / ODM acrylic mold & manufacturing* New designs are welcome
Акриловые продукты
 Acrylic products (Акриловые продукты)
*Acrylic products Professional* Mold tooling* Injection* Polishing* Decoration* Packaging* New designs are welcome
Акриловые, акриловые Mold, акриловые изделия, Организатор
 Acrylic, Acrylic Mold, Acrylic Products, Holder (Акриловые, акриловые Mold, акриловые изделия, Организатор)
1. Plastic, Acrylic, Rubber mold2. Injection3. New products developing, OEM / ODM are welcome4. Including Decoration, Assembling, Packaging.
Включить Mold
 Insert Mold (Включить Mold)
* INSERT MOLD INJECTION* Built-in Nuts, Screw, fittings, metal strip,etc. with plastic injection* New designs, OEM/ODM are welcome
Светодиодные задние фонари
 LED Tail lamps (Светодиодные задние фонари)
* LED Tail lamps designing & manufacturing* Mold tooling, decoration, assembling&packaging* For various models&brands automotives* New LED tail lamps developing
Штамповки Mold
 Metal Stamping Mold (Штамповки Mold)
Product development support- Our engineering team has ample experience and ability in stamping mold & die processing,in order to achieve the specification of customers including the decoration, electr
Пластиковые контейнеры
 Plastic Containers (Пластиковые контейнеры)
* Plastic (PP) containers for food, medicine, snack etc. packaging.* Made in Taiwan factory* New design, OEM/ODM are welcome
Пластиковые Injection Mold &
 Plastic Mold & Injection (Пластиковые Injection Mold &)
Professional plastic mold tooling & injection company with almost twenty years accumulated experience on the business fields.If any inquiries, please feel free to contact us, and it will be our pleasu
Точные Injection Mold &
 Precise Mold & Injection (Точные Injection Mold &)
* Integrated structure design* Precise mold tooling* Structure Engineering process*New design are welcome

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