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Extramile Enterprise
153 Lorong 15 / Ss1, Bandar Tasek Mutiara, Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia


Finally, the DISCOVERY of the ULTIMATE wiper blades that you have been searching for. . . . .Its so good, you WANT them NOW!Thats a bold statement. But its the Hard FACT.The moment you experience the aeroblade wiper blades super smooth, ultra quiet and crystal clear wipe, you will easily SEE why aeroblade wipers are the ULTIMATE, Top-of-the-Class wipers there are in the world today.It is the only wiper blade that has exceeded the US Military Weather Standard Test for Endurance and Solar Radiation (MIL-STD-810F Method 505. 4) . As a matter of fact, numerous tests had been conducted and repeated with one affirmative outcome: Virtually Indestructible!This means, our wipers are the ONLY TRULY long-lasting silicone wipers. Remember, not all silicone wipers are the same. Many fly-by-night companies offering their own version of silicone wipers are of mediocre standards. Beware and be aware.Our patented formulation to produce these highly advance one-of-its-kind silicone wipers took years of research and development in artic-cold and dessert-hot countries. They were then fine-tuned to provide an exceptional wiping experience for all windscreen surfaces. Suffice to say, not one silicone wiper manufacturer is the same and definitely few, if any, could compare to the exhaustive development done onto the aeroblade wipers.We were among the firsts to set NEW HEIGHTS to the industry by providing an unprecedented and unheard of 5-year warranty to the wiper blades. We even guarantee that your blades:Will not stick to your windscreenWill not tearWill not crackWill not rot. . . . Ever!Its amazing. But True. Thats why we call it virtually indestructible.Safety First.As a crucial safety device to all vehicles (try driving in heavy rain / snow without the wiper) aeroblade wiper is LEADING and CONTINUE TO push the limits of attaining super clear vision even during a heavy downpour. This has proven to greatly reduce the stress of driving in the rain. Therefore, not only has aeroblade wipers elevated safety to the next level, they provide the "unbelievable" comfort experience every driver has ever yearned for.Everyone who has tried aeroblade wipers can never settle for anything else!And now, for the first time ever, you can absolutely enjoy premium quality wiper blades at an amazingly affordable price. With no more juddering, chattering and irritating squeaking noise (even after years of punishing use) , youll be the happiest person on Earth when rainfall comes! Guaranteed!The long-life silicone wiper blades are highly resistant to:Weathering (works best in rain, sun and snow)Extreme temperatures (-50C to 300C)Chemical reactions (acid rain, ozone, grease, tar and all)These properties alone will put even the most advanced (and very expensive) natural rubber blades to shame. While all of these rubber blade manufacturers recommend that their blades be replaced every 3 or 6 months, aeroblade wiper guarantees you at least FIVE complete-satisfying years of use. It is not uncommon to receive testimonials that says "Even after 5 years of use, my aeroblade wipers work truly like Ive just bought them 2 days ago. Simply unbelievable! ".The secret: Aeroblade wiper blades do not react with ultra-violet (UV) and infra-red (IR) light radiations. As such, it will not harden and deteriorate over time.Put aeroblade wipers on your car today and start enjoying the very best of premium silicone wipers. And you can CLEARLY SEE why.
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