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Ningbo Herald Trade Co., Ltd.
Hai Shu, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


The cartoon shaped soap, :Size: 7cm*6cmAlso we can deal with all kinds of shaped your offer.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Металлическим зажимом
 Metal Clip (Металлическим зажимом)
Made of stainless steel
Охладитель / Warmer 6 литров
 Mini Cooler / Warmer 6 Liters (Охладитель / Warmer 6 литров)
Certificate: CE, GS, ULDescriptions:Provides with 6 liters capacity which can hold 9 beverage cans drinks inside the cooler / warmer Simply plug in the power cord provided into the socket of the dashb
 Paper Clip (Скрепка)
Tooth shaped and have a magnet, can offer you other shapes base on your purpose
Скрепка Закладка
 Paper Clip Bookmark (Скрепка Закладка)
Size: 10cm*2. 5cmPackage: 1200 per CTNWeight: 24 Kgs
Скрепка для закладки
 Paper Clip For Bookmark (Скрепка для закладки)
Clip with rubber, can be used as bookmark, we can offer you other images base on your demand.
Пятиокиси ванадия
 Pentoxide Vanadium (Пятиокиси ванадия)
This product is produced according to GB3283-87, the vanadium pentoxides manufacturing standard of the Peoples Republic of China. It is applicable to Ferrovanadium smelting, and it is also used as the
Питьевая Pet`s устройства
 Pet`s Drinking Device (Питьевая Pet`s устройства)
Spirl your drink water or beverage bottle into the device, and station it onto a cage, bottles upside down. When your puppy stretch out its tongue and licking the steel ball, It will get its drink.It
Орех & Болт
We specialize in the Nut and Bolt with competitive price and good quality.Hexagon nut, flange nut, wing nut, cap nut, square weld nut, hexagon bolt, carriage bolt, and so on are all available.Material
Авто охладитель
 Autos Mini Cooler (Авто охладитель)
-plugs directly into your cigarette lighter socket-thermo-electric operation-front panel switch for warm or cool operation-stays cold or warm even after unplugging unit-4 liter capacity-compact conven

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