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Ningbo Jiangdong Grommet Rubber INC.
806, No 762, Zhongxing Road, Ningbo, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


This parts is make by silicone and fabric vulcanize together.Silicone color is: White
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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The rubber part make by nbr material, that vulcanize molded.Export to italy
Резиновую шайбу
This rubber washer make by NBR material
 Boot (Boot)
This part make by CR material, the process is molded vulcanize.
Резиновый бампер
 Rubber Bumper (Резиновый бампер)
Material: Astm d2000-sae j200 aa516z1 z235+-5 durometer
Резиновая Прокладка
 Rubber Grommet (Резиновая Прокладка)
Standard P/N ID GW GD OD OT Compound DurometerMR 200-0594 7/16 1/8 11/16 15/16 3/8 NEOPRENE 50MR 200-0182 1/2 3/32 3/4 7/8 11/32 SBR 60MR 200-0219 1/2 1/8 3/4 1 1/2 SBR 60MR 200-0450 9/16 1/16 3/4 7/8
Резиновой прокладкой и уплотнений
 Rubber Grommet And Seals (Резиновой прокладкой и уплотнений)
Do you interesting to source rubber parts from China. Our company is your business partner in China. It is the best opportunity and benefit for each other due to the fast speed develop in China market
Резиновая губка
 Rubber Sponge (Резиновая губка)
This part make by epdm material, extrude then cut
Cv Boots
Cv Boots (Cv Boots)
The CV-boot make by CR Material.Apply on automobile redirctor.
О кольцо
O Ring (О кольцо)
We can make AS568A standard o-ring by NBR EPDM CR

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