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De Lasso 42, Roelofarendsveen, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


Specifications:- 49cc- 4 stroke- air cooled- speed 25 km / hour- electric start and kick start- disc brake front with anti-blocking-system- drum break rear- automatic- in various colours: red / white / black.Blue / white / black and black- EEC = European street approval! ! !
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Микроволновая печь
 Microwave (Микроволновая печь)
Specifications:- metal microwave with touchscreen in door- voltage 12V/24V- input power 660W /175W- netto weight 7,8 kg- size box 43 x 36,5 x 34 cm- size product 36 x 31 x 27 cm- 660W via accumulator
Равенна Lounge Set
 Ravenna Lounge Set (Равенна Lounge Set)
Specifications:* complete lounge set* aluminium frame* 2 x 1-sits 90x 85 70cm* table 66x66cm* 2-sits 160x 85x 70cm* daybed 225x 125x 70cm
Джакузи Спа
Specifications:- space for 4 adults- capacity of 900 litres water- size: 206 x 79 cm- massage system with 80 massage air-jets- plugs into standard home sockets 220-240v- suitable for in and outdoor us
110cc Байк
 110cc Dirt Bike (110cc Байк)
Specifications:- 110cc- 4 stroke- semi automatic- 4 gears- kick start- speed: 70km / hour- drum brake front and rear- product dimensions: 134 x 68 x 85 cm
200cc с водяным охлаждением ATV Str t Legal
 200cc Water Cooled ATV Street Legal (200cc с водяным охлаждением ATV Str t Legal)
Specifications:- 200cc - single cilinder- 4 stroke- water cooled- 4 gear with 1 reverse- electrice start- disc brakes rear and front- speed: 80 km/ hour- chain drive- EEC = European street approval
250cc ATV-Str t Legal
 250cc ATV-Street Legal (250cc ATV-Str t Legal)
Specifications:- 250cc yamaha engine- 4 stroke- air cooled- 5 gear with reverse- half automatic- drum brake rear and disc brake front- speed: 80 km / hour- shaftdrive- EEC = European street approval
50cc Midi Bike-Str t Legal
 50cc Midi Bike-Street Legal (50cc Midi Bike-Str t Legal)
Specifications:- 50 cc- 4 stroke- speed 50 km/ h- air cooled- electric start- automatic- EEC = European street approval!!!
 E-step (E-шагом)
Specifications:- speed 15 km / hour- charging time 3 hours- driving time 1, 5 hour- weight 8, 5 kg.

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