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P-137 Nawaz Street Bombino Cinema Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan, Pakistan


Cotton Factory SystemFor Management Accounts, Inventory, Stock, Payroll, Attendance SystemYou can Manage Your Accounts, & Stock.DataEntry of**Charts of Accounts (Parties, Expense & Employees)**Chart of ALL Items**Voucher Entries (Journal, Bank, Cash)**Sale & Purchase Vouchers**Daily Expenses**Employees Advances**Employees Attandanse**Daily Issues and Recieving**Dailu Issues and ProductionReports**Charts Reports of Items & Accounts**Vouchers Reports (Sale, Purchase, Journal, Cash and Bank Vouchers)**Books Reports (Sale, Purchase, Journal, Cash and Bank Vouchers)**Attandanse Register Report**Employees Attandance Report**Daily Cost Report**Daily Production ReportAnd More Reports For Complete Results
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