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Marala Road, Malkay Kalan,, Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan


100% Ringspun Cotton , 200 GSM Short sleeve striped rugby shirt. Taped side vents and rubber buttons. S - XXLarge with any customized logo and label print/embroider.
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 Volleyball (Волейбол)
Volleyball m / o artificial leather, 18panel, size 5, synthetic cloth lamination, fitted ubber latex bladderWith any customized logo.
Сварщик Glove
 Welder Glove (Сварщик Glove)
Welding gloves, cowhide leather red colour inside fleece cotton lining size14" / 16" with and without piping.
Футбол фонда
We have Footballs in stock as per detail;Item: FootballMaterial: Imp.G-14 artificial leatherLining: 4ply liningPanle: 32Size:5Bladder: Rubber bladderWeight: 415-425grmCircumference: 67-68cmSTOCK QUANT
Golf Glove
 Golf Glove (Golf Glove)
Art no. Gg-06, golf glove m / o full cabretta leather, with any customized logo print, embossed or embroider. With and without ball marker.
Серый свитер
 Hooded Sweat Shirt (Серый свитер)
Hoodes Sweat shirt m/o 70% Cotton 30% Polyester , 400 GSMFull length zip, double fabric hood with drawstring. Pouch front pockets. Available in all colors and sizes.
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 Ladies tank Top (Дамы Tank Top)
ladies tank top m/o 96% Cotton 4% Lycra, 200 GSM Fitted body shape with shoulder straps. Twin needle binding at neck and arms. S - Large
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 Polo Shirt (Рубашки поло)
Polo shirt m / o 65% polyester 35% cotton, 250 GSM two contrast stripes on collar and cuffs. Three button placket. These shirts can supplied with any customized print / embroider logo and label.
Рекламная футбол
 Promotional Football (Рекламная футбол)
Promotional football made of artficial leather, 32panel, size 5, 2layer synthetic cloth lamination, fitted rubber latex bladder with any customized logo and stamps.

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