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Информация о производителе
Ahoo Bamboo Commodity Co.
Wing Yue Bldg. , 60-64 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong


Bamboo knitting needleWe can supply whole size.Package: bulk or OEM according to customers` designment.Deliver: timelyMini qty: 100pcs
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Charcoal-stuffed quilts, mattresses, pillowsBamboo charcoal-stuffed pillow releases negative ionsBamboo charcoal stuffed pillow 45 x 70cm bamboo charcoal-stuffed pillow releases600g seven hole fiberMa
Bamboo Charcoal автомобиль подушки
 Bamboo Charcoal Car Pillow (Bamboo Charcoal автомобиль подушки)
Product Name: Bamboo Charcoal Car PillowModel Number: BM-C02Features:1) A kind of green product, pure and natural purifier of household environment2) It can be used to absorb peculiar smell disgusting
Бамбуковый паркет
 Bamboo Floor (Бамбуковый паркет)
Commercial floorDouble-tenon technique strengthens splice joint. Surface of floor is coated with super abrasive metal film.Mainly applied for court with lights, gymnasium, market mall, office building
Бейсбол Бат
 Baseball Bat (Бейсбол Бат)
BAMBOOFINISH: NaturalLENGTH: 18"~34"HANDLE: 15 / 16" or 31 / 32"BARREL: 2. 5"TURNING MODEL: BSB-01CUPPED: Yes or NoSeveral companies have recently introduced bamboo baseball b

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