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Unit 1803 A, 18/F., Nanyang Plaza, 57 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


Variety of colors and styles which you could selectThe most popular way to show the products in the supermarket.Different thickness adapt to different weight.
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Данные Газа
 Data Strip (Данные Газа)
1) more then 20 style for your choice, can fix on different shelfs.2) we can make different length and colors upon your requirement.3) custom-made is welcome.
Данные Газа
 Data Strip (Данные Газа)
1,Variety styles and colors for your selection, used to the edge of the shlf. 2,Widely used in the supermarket.
Дисплей Строительство компонентов
 Display Construction Components (Дисплей Строительство компонентов)
1,we have various kinds display construction components,such as fasteners, connectors,display casters,panel former.and other display accessories.2,they are used in thousands of applications in hundred
Дисплей Крючки
 Display Hooks (Дисплей Крючки)
1,Material: ABS or GFN2,Length: 3", 4", 6" and 8" as usually length3,various of design
Дисплей Крючки
 Display Hooks (Дисплей Крючки)
1, We have a wide variety of hooks for almost any application, to really move your inventory.2, Different length and style for your choice, widely suitable for any display box.3, Material ABS or GFT
Display R k
 Display Rack (Display R k)
1. With rotatable base2. Delivery with seperately part. Easy install by yourself.3. , customer-tailor.4 provide the equipment accessories, such as varies merchandising hooks
 Flag Pole (Древко)
Flag pole with 60 degree or 90 degree baseBase size: 11.5cmL*5cmWPole length: 28cmPole diameter: 1.8cm
 Flag Pole (Древко)
1) with magnet base can easily fix on the shelf.2) the length of the pole can be made upon your requirement.
 Flag Pole (Древко)
1. With magnet base, can easily adhesive on the shelf.2. Well present the poster.3. three styles for your choice.

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