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Taizhou Tuoda Weaving Products Co., Ltd.
No.132 Laodonghe,Jingtai Street, Taizhou, Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Zip: 225300


Product Name: Ship PP RopeModel Number: SFG-LSO1005Place of Origin: China3/6/ 8 strands, adopts high-intensity polypropylene fibers, high-intensity polyesteras raw material and can bear great strength.Ropes of detailed dia and material can be made, up to customers requirement.Color: white (PP rope)Polyester rope has various colors
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Soccer Ball нетто
 Soccer Ball Net (Soccer Ball нетто)
Product Name: Soccer Ball NetModel Number: SFG-TYW3063Place of Origin: ChinaLoop constructionDurable braided nylonColor: whiteInternational recognized and recommended size
Струны для одежды и обуви
 Strings for Clothes and Shoes (Струны для одежды и обуви)
Product Name: Strings for Clothes and ShoesModel Number: SFG-FZS1016Place of Origin: ChinaBraided cotton/polyester/propylene stringsFor clothes decoration or as shoelacesColors: various pure colors, b
Буксировка Пояс
 Tow Belt (Буксировка Пояс)
The item is constructed of a web strap or a weaving rope, with two stainless metal hooks at the end. It is selected, when a car is broken down and needed to pull.
Буксировка Пояс
 Tow Belt (Буксировка Пояс)
Product Name: Tow BeltModel Number: SFG-JQY01Place of Origin: ChinaTow strap for drawing cars or trucks consists of a webbing strap, with two stainlessmetal hooks at the end.The strap is made of high-
Баскетбол нетто
 Basketball Net (Баскетбол нетто)
Product Name: Basketball NetModel Number: SFG-LQW3071Place of Origin: China12 loop constructionHandmade6mm durable braided nylonOfficial sizeInternationally recognized hand recommendedColors: white, w
Плетеный доставка Rope
 Braided Shipping Rope (Плетеный доставка Rope)
Product Name: Braided Shipping RopeModel Number: SFG-NLS1022Place of Origin: ChinaMaterial: polyester fiberMade in 3 strands 6/8 filaments woven/braided st ructionFeature: high strength, high resistan
Строительство Safety Net
 Construction Safety Net (Строительство Safety Net)
It is made from polyamide fibers, has buckles on each side, 1.8mX6m per piece, convient for combination, great strength, hard to deface, low cost and environmental safety
Квартира Sling ремень
 Flat Sling Strap (Квартира Sling ремень)
Product Name: Flat Sling StrapModel Number: SGF-BPD5TPlace of Origin: ChinaThe product mostly consists of a weaving strap, constructed of high-intensity polypropylene or high-intensity terylene, polya
Квартира Sling ремень
 Flat Sling Strap (Квартира Sling ремень)
Product Name: Flat Sling StrapModel Number: SFG-BPD2TPlace of Origin: ChinaFlat sling strap (2000kg) in installing pipesWebbing high-intensity polyester/propylene webbing strap, length, width and colo

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