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Информация о производителе
All-ready(HK) Industrial Co., Ltd
Unit 1001, Fourseas Building,208-212, Nathan Road, Jordan, Hong Kong


Golf ball setThree golf gift balls in cylinder packingLogo is optional
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Гольф Мигает Ball
 Golf Blinking Ball (Гольф Мигает Ball)
Diameter:42.70 mmWeight:45.8gCompression:80%Distance:210-230 yardExact round:Power of battery: Lithium battery of 3 vElectronics and optics: Led( red, blue and yellow)Falshing duration:5 minutesLife t
Гольф бомбардир Смотреть
 Golf Scorer Watch (Гольф бомбардир Смотреть)
Golf Scorer WatchThe scorer can record the time, also the scorer of driving.Marker is optional in the watchband.It is fashional and convenient for the golfer.
Гольф Набор инструментов
 Golf Tool Set (Гольф Набор инструментов)
Golf tool set3 balls,12 tees,1 knife, range finder,18 hole scorer,1 brush,1 ball holderLogo is optional on PU bag or unit. Color of bag is optional as well.You can choose different golf tool to put in
Гольф Набор инструментов в коробки окна
 Golf Tool Set In Window Box (Гольф Набор инструментов в коробки окна)
Golf gift setGolf tool set3tees,1 divot repairer,1 metal marker,1 gift ball, packed in a window gift box.Logo is optional on ball/divot repairer/marker/tee
Клуб Кисть
Have different club brush,2-in brush; 3-in brush, normally the brush parts are made of plastic or copper, it is convenient for the player to take, pls. Refer to our website to get more information
Гольф 18 лунок Scorercard
We offer different socrer,18 hole scorercard, mouse-shape scorer, watch scorer, scorer with divot, pls. Refer to our website to get more information
Golf Ball Организатор
We, have golf ball holder, it is made of plastic, it can hold two balls one time, it is easier to put on the belt of the golf player, it is easier to take, pls.
Гольф Мяч в цилиндре дело
Offer different packaging of golf ball set, in cylinder case, in gift window box, in sleeve, logo is optional, pls. Refer to our website to get more information.
Гольф-клуб сумка
We, all-ready offer different style of club bag, the material is cloth or PVC or nylon, pls.

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