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21, Lrg Tembikai 1, Tmn Jambu Mawar, Bukit Mertajam , Penang, Malaysia


Maxpure Oxygen ConcentratorView Larger PictureDetailed Product DescriptionIdeal for your own "Oxygen Bar" or as a source of Oxygen for your Ozone GeneratorDescription:Have your own "Oxygen Bar" at home or easily start a Commercial Oxygen Bar Business immediately at very low cost!The MAXPURE Oxygen Concentrator was designed for people to breathe supplemental oxygen, or as an Oxygen Source for making ozone. It is extremely small, and extremely quiet. It provides flow rates as low as.01LPM (Liters per minute) up to 0.3 LPM. It has a very easy to use dial switch to turn on the concentrator, or turn it off. When turned on it will run for10/30/60 minutes and automatically shut off, unless you switch it off yourself.Imagine having an Oxygen Concentrating System for your own personal use (or commercial use) at any time of the day or night. This could be your answer to the alleged decreasing concentrations of oxygen in our environment, or the low cost unit to get your successful business off the ground.How Does It Work?The MAXPURE Oxygen Concentrator is based on the NANO MEMBRANE Technology - NASA derived technology that utilizes unique molecular sieves to separate air into its constituent parts of Nitrogen, Oxygen and trace gases. The MAXPURE Oxygen Concentrator redirects the Oxygen for use out the front, while it ejects the Nitrogen and trace gases back into the atmosphere. The MEMBRANE system was developed as an alternative to the cryogenic separation of gases.The latest advancements in the field of OXYGEN extraction technology led to the creation of the smallest oxygen generators in the world such as the maxpure Oxygen Concentrator and the car and home maxoure Oxygen Concentrator. These are small machines that are ultra-quiet and virtually maintenance free because they have very few moving parts. And because of the small size, we can now integrate the oxygen generators into systems where space/size and the noise levels has always been a limiting factor.Whether for home personal use or Commercial Oxygen Bar use, this tiny unit is your answer.Who Would Use This?Anyone wishing to increase their access to oxygen at home, or who would like to start a commercial "Oxygen Bar" business will find that the maxpure Oxygen Concentrator is a low cost, maintenance free, ideal solution.Specifications: For HomeOxygen output:0- 0.3 LPM outputOxygen purity:89-95%Size: (LxWxH)10 x 6 x 12 inchesWeight:4 kgsPower:230v or 110vSpecial features:Warranty:1 year limited warranty
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