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AMC Group Ltd.
Room 1502,Tianyi International Business Center Mansion,Gaoxin District, Hefei, Anhui, China (Mainland) Zip: 230008


Generally, hard ferrite or cast AlNiCo is used widely due to lower cost and good property. Many shapes, sizes and colors are available for clients choice. We usually paint them in red or blue, or we combine them with other material such as metal and plastic. Meantime, these products comply with the international safe standards. It is safe to childrens health. We manufacture educational magnets based on customers requirements. Computer, science, biological engineering, medical apparatus and instruments, instruments and meters, making major contribution to pushing forward global automatic production and promoting mankinds life quality. If you are interest in our products please dont free to contact with us.
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Верховая образования магнит
 Educational Horse Magnet (Верховая образования магнит)
Product Name: Educational Horse MagnetModel Number: Cast AlNiCo MagnetPlace of Origin: ChinaGenerally, hard ferrite or cast AlNiCo is used widely due to lower cost and goodproperty. Many shapes, sizes
EVA сандалии и тапочки
 EVA Sandals and Slippers (EVA сандалии и тапочки)
Features:1) Slipper top: yarn-dyed/printed cotton or T/C fabric, cashmere, terry-toweling,plush fabrics, jeans, muslin, velour, canvas, sheeting, box loom fabric, pilefabric, flannelette, cut pile fab
Перу тряпкой, боа, Feather Craft, Etc
 Feather Duster, Feather Boas, Feather Craft, Etc. (Перу тряпкой, боа, Feather Craft, Etc)
Feather Duster,Feather Boas, Feather Craft,Feather Flower,Feather Angel Wing, Feather Masks,Feather Fan, feather Tiara,Cock FeatherOur main products are as follows: Feather cock, feather bird, feather
Ферритовый магнит для дуговой двигателей постоянного тока
 Ferrite Arc Magnet For DC motors (Ферритовый магнит для дуговой двигателей постоянного тока)
We specializes in ODM&OEM variours magnet rotors for motors.Magnetic rotors which are made by plastic injection outside NdFeB magnets or ferrites in can, high in efficiency and working with low noise.
Гибкая & ферритовый магнит и сцепленный порошковые
 Flexible & Ferrite and Bonded Magnet Powder (Гибкая & ферритовый магнит и сцепленный порошковые)
Flexible Magnet PowderModel Number: MH-7Place of Origin: ChinaProperty: MH-7, MH-7S, MH-9, MH-12Barium & Strontium Ferrite MagnetBonded magnetic ferrite powder have good compatibility with different k
Гибкий магнит
 Flexible Magnet (Гибкий магнит)
Rubber fridge magnets with fashionable appearance and special designs are increasingly popular throughout the world.Currently, we have advertising fridge magnets, calendar fridge magnets, notepaper ma
Гибкий магнит брезента
 Flexible Magnet Sheeting (Гибкий магнит брезента)
Product Name: Flexible Magnet SheetingPlace of Origin: ChinaFeatures and specifications:1) Available in matte and glossy back coating2) Clean and smooth surface is excellent for lamination and printin
Гибкие Магнитные пленки и валяться в Long Длина
 Flexible Magnet Sheeting And Roll In Long Length (Гибкие Магнитные пленки и валяться в Long Длина)
Features and specifications:1) Available in matte and glossy back coating2) Clean and smooth surface is excellent for lamination and printing3) Recommended working temperature: -15 to 160°C4) Fle
Гибкие Магнитные ленты с распылитель и резиновые Магнит ролл
 Flexible Magnet Tape With Dispenser And Rubber Magnet Roll (Гибкие Магнитные ленты с распылитель и резиновые Магнит ролл)
Features:1) Magnetic compound, flexible magnetic strip, flexible magnetic sheet2) Bonded ceramic magnet can be supplied in both isotropic and anisotropicform (i.e. rubber manget), and is ideal for app

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