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J&G Overseas
62, Ganesh Nagar, Jalandhar City, Punjab, India


Leather organisers. Made to order.1. Leather note books,2. Diaries.3. Portfolio bags.4. Briefcases.5. Passport holders.6. Card holders.7. Leather folders.
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Кожа наборов инструментальных средств и Мешочки
 Leather Tool Kits And Pouches (Кожа наборов инструментальных средств и Мешочки)
Leather tool kits and pouches.Genuine leather tool holders.Tool pouches.Knife covers.Sword covers.Special tool carriers.
Кожа кошельки (мужские)
 Leather Wallets ( Gents ) (Кожа кошельки (мужские))
Gents leather wallets made of super fine genuine leather.1. Muliple currency pockets.2. Coins pockets with zip and button lock.3. Credit card pockets.4. ID cards pockets.5. Muliple colours available.6
Официальные кожа
 Official Leather Products (Официальные кожа)
Leather products to be used for office and business (genuine leather)1. Leather files and folder.2. Leather key carrying pouches.3. Leather portfolio bags and briefcases.4. Leather wallets and cases.5
 Pliers (Клещи)
Pliers made to international specifications and quality1. Long nose plier.2. Combinations plier.3. Diagonal cutting plier.4. Shearing plier.5. Lock grip plier.6. Bent nose plier.7. Flat nose plier.8.
Слесарь-сантехник инструменты
 Plumber Tools (Слесарь-сантехник инструменты)
Mechanical Tools, Meason Tools & Accessories.1. Cast Iron Vice.2. Steel Vice.3. Baby Vice(Fixed & Swivel Base)4. Hand Vice.5. Anvil.6. Claw Hammers, Sledge Hammers, Machinist Hammer, Ball Pein Hammer,
Слесарь-сантехник инструменты
 Plumber Tools (Слесарь-сантехник инструменты)
Hand Tools (Plumber Tools) Made to International Standards and Specification. Wide Range of Products in Different Sizes.1. Pipe Wrenches (Swedish type, Adustable)2. Chain Pipe Wrenches (Reverseable Ja
Поощрение футбольного мяча
 Promotion Soccer Ball (Поощрение футбольного мяча)
Promotional sports products & sports gift items printed with logos.1. Mini soccer balls & soccer key rings.2. Mini volley balls & volley key rigns.3. Mini rugby balls & rugby key rings.4. Mini boxing
Штамповка / Боксерские перчатки
 Punching / Boxing Gloves (Штамповка / Боксерские перчатки)
Punching/boxing gloves. Specially designed1. Made of PU/PVC material.2. Polyfoam padding.3. Different sizes available.4. Option of velcro closure and elastic.5. Printing and embriodary facility availa
Штамповка Перчатки для детей
 Punching Gloves For Kids (Штамповка Перчатки для детей)
Punching gloves specially designed for kids and promotion.1. Made of PU/PVC material.2. Polyfoam padding.3. Different sizes available.4. Option of velcro closure and elastic.5. Printing and embriodary

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