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Air 560 INC
Bronx, Hong Kong


Limted edition items. .2007 bling we got that.We have all new fashion buckles and moreFactory direct prices and limted edition itemsIts time to look again at us we got the fresh fly items that will bling in the new year
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Grillz Пряжки
Grillz Buckles (Grillz Пряжки)
We are the leading maker of grillz from hong kong. .New for 2007 brim560 hand painted jeansWe are takeing the bling bling to the next level. .People call us the bling bling kings, because we bring to
Смотреть Пряжки
Watch Buckles (Смотреть Пряжки)
All new 2007 styles in stock. .Every month we will bring out new stylesFor the best styles and best pricesCheck us out again. .
Bling Out Dog Tags
**We have many hip hop and just nice styles of belt buckles. .**We also can make your styles if you have art work if not our design office and help u come up with fresh new styles. .**We understand th
2007 Grillz T th
 2007 Grillz Teeth (2007 Grillz T th)
New styles for 2007 and girl grillzWe make high grade grillz not grillz that fall apart, our aim is to keep makeing good items. .Sliver and gold grillz one size fits all and hand made grillz. .We have
Пряжки и установлены шляпы
 Buckles And Fitted Hats (Пряжки и установлены шляпы)
We have what you need. .New styles at the right price.If your looking for a strong link to the buckles and hip hop items sold in new York and Europe, and want there hook up. .Then u found us. .Have ne
Пряжки, оснащенные шляпы
 Buckles, Fitted Hats (Пряжки, оснащенные шляпы)
We have many new styles and always makeing fresh new styles for the urban market..New bucklesNew grillzNew fitted hat with led lithsNew iced out dogtagsOur staff travels to all markets to feel the str
Грили фронтам
 Grills Fronts (Грили фронтам)
We have all new styles of heat prints.All new styles design in new yorkSo if your looking for very good heat prints we got them.If your looking to make new styles of your own design we can help you..W
 Grillz (Grillz)
We have a full line of items, please take a look at our company if your looking for diffrent design that are not in the market and also we can make items for you if you have the art work. .New buckles
Grillz и хип-хоп Пряжки
 Grillz And Hip Hop Belt Buckles (Grillz и хип-хоп Пряжки)
We are makers of nice items,For more info on what we are makeing new for 2007-08Get in touch whith us and we will try to help youWe make all that gos bling blingHave a full line of items

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