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Ningbo ETDZ Holdings Ltd.
Lundun Building,Lianhe Zone,Development Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Product Name: Shutter HardwarePlace of Origin: ChinaWed like to supply high grade shutter components and hardware from primed to un-primed, vinyl wrap and finger jointed.Our hardware and accessories:1) 2.5-4.5 louver (basswood and poplar)2) Hang strips3) Z-frame, L-frame, bull-nose frame4) Rails, rods, stiles (pre-drilled to your louver spec)5) Hinges, Bi-pass tracks, screws, catches, pins, staples, dowelsOuter packing:Carton
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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We have adequate capacity to produce the products according to the drawings and samples which offered to us by our customers. Therefore, our products always havebeen enjoying a high reputation in over
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We produce sports mats such as landing mats and skill cushion. Our products meet FIG standard.
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1. Durable vinyl cover2. High quality foam inside3. Childrens gymnastics and cheerleading training and physics education
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 Spin Drier (Spin сушилки)
Features:1) Various fashion styles2) Made of PP3) Light, effective and safe4) Saves time and reduces energy
Spin сушилки
 Spin Drier (Spin сушилки)
Specifications:1) Capcity: 5.0kg2) Input power: 170W3) Frequency: 50Hz4) Voltage: 220V5) G.W.: 8.1/9.0/9.5kg6) N.W.: 7.0/7.5/8.0kg7) Measurement: 430 x 430 x 775mm, 431 x 405 x 765mm, 400 x 367 x 655m

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