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Three Eyes International Trading Co., Ltd
207 Room, 167# , Zexu Road, Cangshan Zone, Fuzhou, Fujian, China (Mainland)


Our products are aiming to 16-45years old femals. Mostly are made of Gold, silver and platinum. Price ranges from USD1. 00-USD540. 00.We have earrings, rings, necklace and bracelet.Details welcome contact us and will show you more pictures of our products.
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Серебряные кольца
Silver Rings (Серебряные кольца)
More exquisitive and elegance jewellry suit for 16-45 females. . . . . Welcome to contact us for details.
Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling Silver Jewelry (Sterling Silver Jewelry)
We are fashion and cute jewellery manufacturer. Welcome contact us for details. Here just attahced one picture of our products.Our main products are gold / silver / platinum rings / earrings / necklac
Tea (Чай)
We are tea manufacturer. . . . . Have our own teaplantation.Fujian famous jasmine green tea, oolong tea, white tea as well as some black tea are our products.Some of them are organicDetails welcome to
Белый чай
White Tea (Белый чай)
New crop White tea BAIMUDAN, its low caffein. Healthy product. Welcome to contact us. FOB per KG USD9. 00Details welcome to discuss.
Many kinds of pictures of bracelets can offer you for reference. . . . Welcome to contact us.
Ten of thousands of rings range from USD1. 01 / PCS TO USD25. 00 / PCS
Белый чай
Newcrop new technique processing of white tea. . . Can meet Eu regulation. Unit price per KG USD56. 00Welcome to contact me for details.
925 Sterling Silver Jewelry
 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry (925 Sterling Silver Jewelry)
Many kinds of pictures will offer for you reference. . . . Welcome to contact us. . .Price ranges from USD1. 00 / PCS to USD25. 00 / PCSThere are rings / earrings / bracelets / necklace. . .
Прикладное иск продукты
 Artcraft Products (Прикладное иск продукты)
We are handmade artcrafts producer. Major products are made of RATTAN, BABOO, WOODEN and other materials.Welcome contact me for details.

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