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Remakable System Pte Ltd. Green Industries. . .
M-3-19. Block M. Plaza Damas., Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


We offer the Chemical Bleached Bagasse Pulp which is made from well depithed fresh bagasse from adjacent modern sugar mill. The pulp is well suited for paperboard, fine paper, napkin paper, and sanitary paper.Our bleached bagasse pulp is ECF and Soda Pulp which gives its own outstanding properties for smoothness, stiffness, opacity and bulkiness and requires less energy to meet desired drainage and strength as well.Bleached Bagasse Pulp is a product that is manufactured in a totally environmentally aware manner from renewable resource which, when converted to paper, reduce the demand for trees significantly.This paper pulp meticulously treated wastewater is pumped back into the very field at least 5 sq. Kilometers where sugarcane grows. The sludge from this process is also treated and returns to the land as fertile compost.
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