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Sipindia Exports
256. A. Ashok Nagar, Moolapalayam,, Erode.638002., Tamil Nadu, India


Product descriptionGloriosa superba (lindl)Family: ColchicaceaeCommon names: Flame lily (e), isimiselo (z), vlamlelie (a)Gloriosa superba is a striking tuberous climbing plant with brilliant wavy-edged yellow and red flowers. There is also a more bushy, yellow-flowered form. The name gloriosa comes from the word gloriosus, which means handsome and superba form the word superb clearly alluding to the beautiful flowers which appear from november to march. Naturally it occurs in semi-shade areas among bush on hillsides along the cape coast, natal, swaziland, northern province, botswana, namibia, and zimbabwe.Flame lilies are grown commercially for a chemical compound. They are also used by certain people to treat intestinal worms, bruises, infertility, skin problem and impotence. It is also said that sap from the leaf tip is used for pimples and skin eruptions by tswana and masai farm workers (roberts,1990).Nb. Chemical research showed that all part of this plant, both above and below ground, are extremely poisonous and ingestion could be fatal.
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