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Jr. Huaraz 1930 Pueblo Libre, Lima, Lima, Peru


Sacha Inchi or Inca Peanut grows in the Peruvian Amazon.The seeds, from which the oils are extracted, grow inside the fruit capsules. The seeds contain from 49% to 54% in oils.These seeds are about 35% skin / peal, and 65% peanut.Sacha Inchi main uses are as follows:Omega 6:- Eczema- Hair loss- Heart problems- ArthritisOmega 3:- Learning disabilites- Low vision- High blood pressure- Tissue inflammations- Dry skin- Mental deteriorationSacha Inchi oil has a combined higher concentration/balance of both known essential fatty acids: Alpha linolenic (Omega 3) , and Alpha linoleic (Omega 6) compared to other known oils of vegetable origin. Its known concentration of Omega 3 is on average 48% while the concentration of Omega 6 is on average 35% .Meanwhile, other vegetable oils have one of the Omegas in high concentration while its other Omega presentation is minimal. For instance, Flax seed oil is known to have an average of 58% of Omega 3, but only a low 14% of Omega 6 concentration.This oil is not to be used in cooking in order to preserve its nutritional value. It is to be eaten with salads, shakes, added to main dishes, etc.
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