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R D Impex
3700 Lillick Dr. #215, Santa Clara, California, United States


We have an import/export house in India & USA deals in orthopaedics.Our main export market is USA & Europe. Our manufacturers are amongst indias largest orthotic aids, fracture aids and rehabilitation equipment manufacturing groups known for its passion for high technology, quality, social compliance and human values. It has been conferred with several awards and quality certifications for its remarkable performance from the day of its inception. Our organization has driven ISO 9001:2000 certification all our activities & payment terms R thru our USA offfice so only serious buyers contact us so that we talk further face to face.A -bodybelts & braces: Abdominal support/belt, lumbo sacral belt, rib belt, t. T. Abdominal belt, contoured ls support, chest binder, ash brace, taylors braceB - fracture aids:Pouch arm sling, elastic shoulder immobliser, clavical brace with velcro, rubber heel, ulnar brace, foam splint, universal shoulder immobliser, clavical brace with buckle, cuff and collar sling, cast shoe, humeral braceC - cervical aids:Collar soft(firm density), ervical collar hard adj, cervical orthosis (hiladelphia), cervical pillow (regular), cervical pillow (round), cervical collar soft with support, cervical immobliser, critical care collar, cervical pillow (contoured)D - knee & ankle support:Ankle binder, anklet, knee cap with hinge, ROM knee brace, knee brace short type, ankle brace, knee cap, elastic knee support, knee brace long typeE - wrist & forearm products:Elastic wrist splint, wrist & forearm splint left, wrist & forearm splint right, cock up splint(dynamic), wrist brace with thumb, cock up splint(static), tennis elbow support, cock up splint hand & wrist, wrist brace with double lockF - traction kits:Skin traction set, pelvic traction belt, pelvic traction spreader bar, cervical traction overdoor pully, cervical traction kit sitting/sleeping, traction pully bracket, weight rod, leg traction brace, pelvic traction kit, cervical traction head halter, cervical traction spreader bar, traction cord, weight orthoG - physiotherapy aids:Weight cuff, exercising ballH - finger splint:Base ball splint, finger extension splint, mallet finger splint, finger cot, frog splint, thumb spica supportI - allied products:Tourniquet, heel cushion (silicon) pair, medical arch support (silicon) pair, varicose vein stocking, insole (silicon) pair, heel pad (silicon) pair, ortho stockinette, tubular elastic bandageFor any requirement plz contact us.
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