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Tai An Zhongxin Lingzhi Technology And Development Co. Ltd
Pei Tian Men Street, High-tech Development Zone, Taian City, Shandong Province, China 271000, Tai'an, Shandong, China (Mainland)


We have been dedicated to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) , especially Reishi. We have the deep faith it will bring true benefit to the human being.Reishi is regarded in China as King of Herbs and Miraculous Herb for its striking ability of enhancing the immunity, especially effective against cancer and diabetes.Now, we can provide a wide range of Reishi related products including:1: Raw Reishi2: Reishi grinded powder3: Reishi extracts and its capsule.4: Reishi Shell-broken spore powder5: Reishi Health Tea.6: Reishi Shell-broken spore powder capsule.7: Spore oil capsule8: Reishi Cordyceps capsuleI am confident that our product would meet your requirement with strict management. As a manufacturer, now, we have been certified with ISO9001 and GMP.Welcome to visit our company and enjoy the Mountain Tai scenery.
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We are manufacturer in ganoderma lucidum, our products are ganoderma lucidum wall broken spore powder, oil, extracts and so on. Meanwhile we developed two pure Chinese herb medicines, one is for sex,
Травяные и диабетом медицина
We are manufacturer and exporter in ganoderma lucidum products for many years. Our products include ganoderma lucidum products. And we developed two pure Chinese herb medicine. One is for sex, another
We are selling mushroom------ganoderma ludidum. We will quote the best price to you.
Жажда Ликвидация Capsule
Principal constituent: Intestines biology fungus, natural lingzhi lucid, ginseng, Medlar and so on.Mainly function: Restoring vital energy, raising blood, and adding fine fresh marrow, calming nerves.
Ganoderma Кордицепс Siniesis Capsule
 Ganoderma Cordyceps Siniesis Capsule (Ganoderma Кордицепс Siniesis Capsule)
Function: Preserve the kidney & liver and strengthen the body.Profile: Process the Taishan well-chosen ganoderma lucidum to 300 mesh and the effective constituents remain the same. Because the size be
 Ganoderma Lucidum (GANODERMA LUCIDUM)
Our company have had over ten years studies about ganoderma lucidum since in 1995, so we have many specialized person and facilities in it. We kept advanced level in china. And weve got the certificat
 Ganoderma Lucidum (GANODERMA LUCIDUM)
We have been dedicated to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) , especially Ganoderma lucidum. We have the deep faith it will bring true benefit to the human being.Ganoderma lucidum is regarded in C
 Ganoderma Lucidum Extract Herb (ЭКСТРАКТОМ GANODERMA LUCIDUM Херб)
We have been dedicated to ganoderma lucidum for over a decade now. We would use only best raw ganoderma lucidum to make extract to ensure best quality for our customers The highest standard for herb i
Травяная медицина против рака
 Herbal Medicine Against Cancer (Травяная медицина против рака)
We have been engaged in the reishi relatedherbal medicine. In china, herbal medicine has been practiced over 2000 years and been proved safe and healthy.There are numerous studies by scientists in the

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