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Putian Chengxiang Fanya Trade Co., Ltd.
No.602 Shishi Road,Fengban,Xiamo Denizen Committee, Chengxiang, Putian, Fujian, China (Mainland)


Our products have got a good reputation among shoes clients
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USB флэш-дисков и MP3-плеер
 Usb Flash Disk And Mp3 Player (USB флэш-дисков и MP3-плеер)
1) Multi-codec player, support mp1, mp2, mp3, wma, wmv, asf, music formats2) Support the lyric display with music, A-B replay function, voice-recording /replay the sound can be recorded with microphon
Различные марки сумки
 Various Brands of Handbags (Различные марки сумки)
1) Top quality and best prices.2) Timely delivery and fast shipping.3) Various brands of handbags and purses are available.
Различные Топ Quqlity Детская обувь
 Various Top Quqlity Kids Shoes (Различные Топ Quqlity Детская обувь)
1)Made of top quality material2)Original package3)Shoes for men, women, kids, a whole series of sizes are available4)Different styles and colors are in stock
Women`s T-Shirt
 Women`s T-Shirt (Women`s T-Shirt)
1) Fabric: jersey2) Composition: 95% cotton, 5% spandex3) Weight: 200g
Y-3 Туфли
 Y-3 Casual Shoes (Y-3 Туфли)
1) Top quality, reasonable price, safe shipping and best service2) Casual shoes for men, women with all sizes available3) Casual Shoes with different colors and styles available in stock4) The materia
См. Спортивная обувь Hot В Азии Иордания (J11, 10, 11, 21 Обувь) Подробнее
See Sports Shoes Hot In Asia Jordan (J11 , 10 ,11 ,21 Shoes) Details (См. Спортивная обувь Hot В Азии Иордания (J11, 10, 11, 21 Обувь) Подробнее)
1) Durable material, comfortable for working2) Upper: waterproof leather upper featuring for total waterproof protection3) Outsole: durable rubber outsole for exceptional traction on a variety ofoutdo
Поставка небольшое количество Фирменная обувь и одежду
Supply Small Quantity Of Branded Shoes And Clothing (Поставка небольшое количество Фирменная обувь и одежду)
Supply small quantity of branded shoes and clothing.We have the shoes and clothing you need.Especially for some one who just need small amount.We also have boots, jean, bikini, t-shirt, burse,hat, han
3230 Китай Mobie телефоны На удивленный Out Of Your Imagination
Nowdays,3230 is getting more and more popular because of its super fashionable appearance and function. Camera, MP3/4, big capacity, all of these functions and features made it charming and attractive
3G мобильный телефон E770
My company FuJian PuTian ChengXiang FanYa Trading Co. Ltd. Is a gold supplier in alibaba. We supply mobile branded phone, memory card, bluetooth, MP3, mp4, mobile phone accessory, dv, VCD, etc. Not on

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