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Putian Chengxiang Fanya Trade Co., Ltd.
No.602 Shishi Road,Fengban,Xiamo Denizen Committee, Chengxiang, Putian, Fujian, China (Mainland)


Product Name: Oolong Tea (Taiwan Dongding)Model Number: ODD01Place of Origin: ChinaOolong tea: also called "sun-dried green tea", or "semi-fermented tea", a basic kindof the tea species. It has a long history in manufacturing the tea, which beganin the late Ming dynasty and saw its heyday in the early Qing dynasty.This product is made of northern Taiwan oolong. Before the tea being manufactured,its fresh leaves will be processed with several methods such as sun drying, leafcooling, making green, fixation, rolling, and baking. This product is glossyand black in color, long lasting fragrant in aroma, full in taste and golden yellowand bright in liquor.You wont feel bitter and harsh even if strong tea is served. This tea can be brewed5 - 7 times with its taste and aroma still existing.
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