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Safe Trade Co
Egypt, Ca, Egypt


We are an Egyptian company, , , Dealing in all sorts of Egyptian made Gifts. . . .We would like to offer you our fine production of Islamic PAPYRUS Paintings, , , , ,Sold / pcs45 designs are availableWe can also supply it plain, printed, or hand painted for you.We hope to inter your market with your inquiry. . .We are looking for agents and sales representative.Looking forward to your reply
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Buy one papyrus and get one for Free, Free, FreeThis offer is for a very limited timeBuy one papyrus and get one for FreeFor all our clients, ,When you take one of the 20x30cm papyrus, , , , you will
Швепс 330мл
 Schweppes 330ml (Швепс 330мл)
We sell Schweppes 330ml, mainly to African regionsWe have been exporting to:GhanaIvory costSenegalUgandaKenyaAnd others Countries members in the ComesaWe also produce on Demand,Arabic & English text24
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Xxxx Only for a limited time xxxx1 euro / pcs for the Papyrus paintings! ! !High qualitySize 20 x 30 cmWe are the factory, that`s why our prices are the cheapest in the market.Most of our designs are
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My antiques collectionI have a small collection of antiques, collected from Egypt and other African countries. , , , , some of them are very rare and old, , , ,They consest ofFurniturePaintingsCopper
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We are in the postion to offer HBI Hot Briquette IronWe deal Directly with the Factory in Libya.Price: Is Todays price in the Factory our commission.We will only deal with DIRECT BUYERS.Specs as follo

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