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Shandong Foreign Trade Ruifeng Company Limited.
Room 3212, No51, Taiping Road, Qingdao, China, Qingdao, Shandong, China (Mainland)


We supply Plush Key Chain, Plush magnet, finger puppet, Santa plush magnet, magnetic min plush toys, miniature finger puppet, mini plush toy, plush keychain, plush dog key chain, plush duck key chain, plush bear key chain, plush pig magnet, mobile phone dangler and miniature plush toys of different design and different styles. We welcome OEM production and gifts orders. Our mini toys size from 1. 5"-5" differently. Mini and Miniature Plush and Stuffed Toys, Mini and Miniature Plush Toys: Finger Puppet, Mini Soft Character, Mobile Phone Dangler, Key Chain Soft Characters, Magnetic Mini Toy, Mini Plush Jointed Bear, Teddy Bear, Wallet Toy, Pencil Toy, Purse Toy, Pen Bag, Book Mark Toy, Mobile Cleaner, Screen Cleaner, Premium and Gift, Halloween Plush Toy, Teddy, Fridge Magnet, Wrist Cushion, Photo Frame, Mobile phone decoration, Antique Imitation Crafts, Household decoration, Cat, dog, horse, deer, sheep, goat, tiger, cow, Buffalo, bear, lion, donkey, rabbit, bunny, camel, leopard, Panda, kangaroo, fox, magpie, wolf, raccoons, moose, Turkey, elk, gorilla, lemurs, loons, mallards, squirrel, pig, duck, dolphin, pigeon, orange, giraffe, monkey, hang piece, snake, elephant, crane, mandarin duck, mouse, ostrich, rat, mice, mouse, swan, koala, peafowl, parrot, penguin, dragon, car cushion, owl, pigeon, eagles, rooster, hen, chick, chicken, hawk, goose, magpie, dolphin, bats, cheetah panther, parrots, crows, cockatoos, Turkey, puffins, donkeys, burros, ducklings, mallards, squirrels, skunks, unicorns, Pegasus, kitties, precious kitties, baby kittens, mother cat & baby, kitty cats, sleeping cats, unicorn, whitetail deer, Reindeer American cocker spaniel, Australian silky, Australian terrier basset hound, American beagle Novelty Toys, Mini Plush Toy Agents, European Inflatable Toys, Imitated ornaments, toy pets, Festival Ornaments, hobby toy, model toy, children toy, kid toy, Christmas toy, Toy Animal, baby gift, pet, Sleeping Kittens, baby toy, Promotional Dolls, Gift, Art, Gifts And Toys, Handmade animals, home Accessories, Toy Dolls, Dogs Models, Toy Garage Lift, Horse Model, Mini Christmas Plush Toys, Childrens Toy, Crafts Gifts, Mini Plush Gift Items, Crafts, Christmas Decoration Products, Handicrafts, House Handmade Craft, Decoration Elements, Chinese New Year Gifts, Christmas Holiday Gift Decoration Craft, Home Decor, Soft toys Fashion Accessories, Home Accessories, Christmas Gift Items, Home Decorations Items, Mini Plush Holiday Decorations, Holiday Items, Seasonal Products, Valentine New Product Gift, Christmas Items And Products, Mini Plush Walking Dog, Baby Animals & Miniature Figurines, Moose head and Deer head, Animal Figurines And Gifts, Bird, hand cushion, Decorative Ornaments, Nautical Gifts, craft toy, Simulated Toy Key Ring, balls, Handicrafts, Souvenir gift items, Event & Party supplies, Christmas decorative supplies, Home furnishings, northern animals, Daily Ornaments, Wall-hung Toy, Mini Plush Album Frame
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Плюшевый медведь Магнит Свиньи Собаки Duck Toy
 Plush Magnet Bear Dog Duck Pig Toy (Плюшевый медведь Магнит Свиньи Собаки Duck Toy)
Mini and Miniature Plush Toys: Mobile phone decoration, Antique Imitation Crafts, Household decoration, Finger Puppet, Mini Soft Character, Mobile Phone Dangler, Key Chain Soft Characters, Magnetic Mi
Санта Клаус Climbing Rope Light лестницы
 Santa Claus Climbing Rope Light Ladder (Санта Клаус Climbing Rope Light лестницы)
Battery Operated Musical and Motion Santa Claus Riding Motorcycle, Kara OK Santa Claus, B / O Santa Claus Climb Ladder, Santa Claus Acrobatic Rotating Parachute Up and Down, Santa Claus Climb Christma
Мягкое тело Санта качаться на свет Rope
 Soft Body Santa Swing On Light Rope (Мягкое тело Санта качаться на свет Rope)
36" Soft Body Santa Swing on Light RopeLight Rope Length 3 meters with RoHS certificatePacking: 60x51x48cm / 8pcsOne piece packed in poly bagBesides we also have 24" Soft Body Santa swing on
Рыбалка зажим
Clamp used in fishery or fishing clamp is stainless steel special clamp used in the fishing industry. More details will be supplied upon receipt of the detailed inquiry.
Кованые и углеродистая сталь Grab Hook Такелаж оборудования
Our lines include: Hooks, shackles, links, thimbles, clips, rings, turnbuckles, chains. Good quality forged and carbon steel garb hook for vaious markets. More details will provided upon receipt of re
Мачете, серпы, мотыги, лопаты
We export various kinds of machetes, sickles, hoes, shovels. More details will be provided upon your inquires. If there is anything we can be of some help, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Тачка Рука и ручные тележки Truck
Our export lines include: Wheel barrow, platform hand truck, service cart, hand trolley, tool cart, tools, castor, bearing, rubber wheel, rubber products, tyre, inner tube tyre, butyl inner tube, plas
Холодильник Магнит мини Плюшевые игрушки
 Fridge Magnet Mini Plush Toy (Холодильник Магнит мини Плюшевые игрушки)
Plush Mobile Cleaner, Plush Screen Cleaner, Mini Plush Premium and Gift, Mini Plush Holloween Plush Toy, Mini Plush Teddy, Mini Plush Monkey, Mini Plush Cat, Mini Plush Leaf, Mini Plush Wrist Cushion,
Мини медведь
 Mini Bear (Мини медведь)
Mini and Miniature Plush Toys: Mobile phone decoration, Antique Imitation Crafts, Household decoration, Finger Puppet, Mini Soft Character, Mobile Phone Dangler, Key Chain Soft Characters, Magnetic Mi

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