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Zhejiang Huangyan Shunli Plastic Co., Ltd.
Houyanghuang Village, Xinqian Town, Huangyan District, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Zip: 318020


Product Name: Key ChainModel Number: Key ChainPlace of Origin: ChinaMaterial: PMMAPacking:192pcs/ctnCarton dimensions: 49 x 41 x 14cmN.W.: 0.2kgG.W.: 0.7kg
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Key Chain
 Key Chain (Key Chain)
Product Name: Key ChainModel Number: SL-1201Place of Origin: ChinaFeatues:1) Material: PMMA2) Key chain, acrylic, animal in the blue oil waterInner packing:192pcs/boxN.W.: 0.2kgG.W.: 0.7kg
Листья и травы Collector
 Leaf and Grass Collector (Листья и травы Collector)
Description:1) Leaf and grass collector2) Size: 12" x 10"3) 530g/pk4) Ideal for collecting leaves and grass cuttings5) Protects hands from thorns and cuts6) Lightweight and tough7) Material:
 Lunch Boxes (Ланч-боксов)
Product Name: Lunch BoxesModel Number: sl-80103Place of Origin: ChinaFeatures:1) Material: polypropylene (PP)2) Sizes: big, middle, smallPacking:24pcs/outer boxN.W.: 6.8kgG.W.: 7.3kg
Mesh Ground Cover
 Mesh Ground Cover (Mesh Ground Cover)
Material: polypropylene (PP)
 Net (Чистые)
Material: polypropylene (PP)
Новые позже Чаши
 New Later Bowls (Новые позже Чаши)
Product Name: New Later BowlsModel Number: SL-1176Place of Origin: ChinaMaterial: PMMA / PPPacking:36pcs/cartonCarton dimensions: 53 x 27 x 37.5cm
Завод Clip
 Plant Clip (Завод Clip)
Product Name: Plant ClipModel Number: SL-85025Place of Origin: ChinaDescription:1) Snap clips (24)2) Size: 2" x 0.5"3) 23g/pk4) For securing climbing plants to cap fencing5) Rot proof6) Easy
Завод клипы
 Plant Clips (Завод клипы)
Description:1) Lap fence plant clips (10)2) Size: 2.33" - 1.2"3) 30g/pk4) For securing climbing plants to cap fencing5) Easy to fix - just slide in6) Rot proof7) Material: polypropylene (PP)
Завод клипы
 Plant Clips (Завод клипы)
Description:1) Corner fixing clips (16)2) Size: 0.75" x 0.75", 1.75" x 1"3) 69g/pk4) Easy twist lock action5) Hole for securing support line6) Material: polypropylene (PP)Packing:P

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