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Taizhou Hisource International Trade Co., Ltd.
(7F Yaoda Bldg.),289 Shifu Ave, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
+86-576-8538696 +8538693


Features:1) Aluminum, aluminum foil and other aluminum products available for different uses2) Good quality
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Анион очиститель воздуха / Ozone Стерилизатор
 Anion Air Purifier / Ozone Sterilizer (Анион очиститель воздуха / Ozone Стерилизатор)
Product Name: Anion Air Purifier / Ozone SterilizerPlace of Origin: ChinaMany types anion purifier and ozone sterilizer, if you want to live in undefiledair and innocuity food , please choose its.It i
Авто Части
 Auto Part (Авто Части)
Product Name: Auto PartPlace of Origin: ChinaWe supply different kinds of auto parts.
 Cans (Банки)
Features:1) Tinplate can and mould design available2) Selling well in the Southeast Asian, American and European markets
 Car Seats (Автокресла)
Different car seats suit all kinds of cars.
Доставка груза
 Cargo Ships (Доставка груза)
Our factory has many necessary special equipment, such as large scale cutters,cranes, gantry cranes, overhead working trucks, fork trucks and flatcars.The ship blocks are structures for appearance of
 Diesel Generator (Дизель-генератор)
Features:1)Powered by Air-cooled Direct Injection 4 Stroke Diesel Engine.2)AC Auxiliary Current and DC welding Current3)Super Fuel Tank Ensures Continuous Running4)Automatic Current AdjustorPackaging:
Сверлильный станок
 Drill Press (Сверлильный станок)
We can supply high quality 8 to 34 bench-mortise-drill presses.
Электрических скутеров
 Electric Scooters (Электрических скутеров)
Product Name: Electric ScootersModel Number: EM-04Place of Origin: ChinaElectric scooters1) 500W, 1000W, 1500W motor2) 48V/24Ah or 48V/38Ah3) 3.50-10 tire4) Max. speed: 50km/h5) Distance/charge: >60km
Gasonline Generator
 Gasonline Generator (Gasonline Generator)
Features:1)Powered by 4 stroke OHV Gasoline Engine2)Convenient Control Panels3)Uniterrupted Quality Electrical Power4)Large-Capacity Fuel Tanks5)Noise-Dampening MuffersPackaging: in cartons

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