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Taizhou Hisource International Trade Co., Ltd.
(7F Yaoda Bldg.),289 Shifu Ave, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
+86-576-8538696 +8538693


Product Name: Industrial Sewing MachinePlace of Origin: ChinaSewing machine:1) High-speed lockstitch: suitable for thin and thick cotton,linen, and synthetic fabrics. With low noise levels and stability,this machine has a single needle, straight lock stitch,forward/reverse feed, and automatic lubrication.2) High-speed overlocker: applicable for over-ending operation ofthin, moderate, and thick fabrics. Due to its automatic lubricatingdevice, this machine operates smoothly at a low sewing tension,with perfect and stable stitches, even at high speed seaming.Cutting machine:With emery cutter and cloth, these machines feature high power,low noise, automatic sharpening, flexibility, and steady operation.
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