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Jiangsu Wangong Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Kaifa Road Wanping Town, Wujiang, Jiangsu, China (Mainland) Zip: 215223


The DY10-1 is two kinds of to embroider to spend the function (namely the chain embroiders to embroider with towel)This machine differs from the traditional type machine length ways or stitch to send to anticipate horizontally, it adopts the ten thousand of the whole directions toward type to send to anticipate the organization, so used for the simple hand to shake the operation, can immediately embroider a need of the style and the pattern.It is used for towel, bedspread, shirt, coat and curtain decoration.
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Conference Table (Конференц-столы)
1) Materials: a) Inner material: high density MDF b) Surface composition: wood veneer or paper cover c) Color: 2 color available or as per your requirement2) High quality, fine workmanship and fashion
Рабочий стол
Executive Desk (Рабочий стол)
Features:1) European style desk + meeting table + wall cabinet2) Material: veneer finish with carving, solid wood edge, clear lacquer3) Size: customized4) Color: customized
Кабинет файла
File Cabinet (Кабинет файла)
1) Material: MDF, wood veneer or paper cover 2) Clients color acceptable 3) High quality and fine workmanship 4) Meets environmental standard
Офисные стулья
Office Chairs (Офисные стулья)
Features: 1) High quality raw material 2) Seat tilt adjustable3) Genuine leather upholstered
Office Desk
Office Desk (Office Desk)
1) Dimensions, material: according to customers requirements 2) Color: customers color acceptable
Офисная мебель
Office Furniture (Офисная мебель)
1) Material: melamine board, fire board, wooden paper2) High quality and fine workmanship 3) Meets environmental standard 4) Fashionable design
Офисная мебель
Office Furniture (Офисная мебель)
1) Materials: cherry, walnut, teak, oak, Manchurian ash, beech2) Novel design3) Polished and natural
Стальные Filing Cabinet
Steel Filing Cabinet (Стальные Filing Cabinet)
1. Material: cold rolled Bao steel sheet2. Dimensions: according to cost clients requirements 3. Rust-proof treatment: acid washed, phosphorized and coated with Akzo Nobel powder4. Durable accessories
Все виды швейных машин и запасных частей к нему
We produce 9 series of 1,400 kinds of high precision and difficult spare parts for medium & high speed overlock, interlock, lockstitch double needle and quilting sewing machines. Moreover, our company

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