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Yueqing Switchtec Co., Ltd.
Room 802,Junhaoxuan,Liuchuan Mansion,Liushi Town, Yueqing, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Features:1) Working voltage: 230V 50 ~ 60Hz2) Rated power: max. 300W, 1,000W, 2,200W, 3,680W3) Transmission frequency of controllable socket: 434MHz4) Voltage of emitter: DC 9V5) Spacious distance: 25m6) Working temperature: 0 ~ 35°CMoreover, the socket whose light can be adjusted may be additionally collocated in accordance with requirements. The product has unique electric circuit, unique working mode of wireless numerical radio frequency, and will not be limited by wall or room. Each switch has a wireless receiver and can be controlled in the same extension. It can control any receiver according to users need, and the neighbors will never be disturbed. It is an ideal control switch for households and offices.
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Features:1) Unique amortization system to eliminate contact bounce2) Low cost3) Accessories modify quickly and easily without using tools4) Various kinds of terminals for customers special requirement

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