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Aadarsh Farm
Block No: 349, OPP: P. K. Desai Vidyalaya, Bhagod, Valsad, Gujarat, India


I am a Mango Farmer & Exporter. We are producing ALPHONSO, KESAR & ASHMIRI mangoes. We produce high quality of mangoes. This year we are expecting much more production with more superior quality. Our produces are reported best in local markets but now planning for exports, expected buyers can contact meSupply Ability: 1) Alphonso: -100 MTs.2) Kesar: -150 MTs.3) Ashmiri: -50 MTs.World famous Alphonso & Kesar Mango available for Season 2007. (Our Seasons Started: 10 / 05 / 2007)Pl. Mail if you require any additional information we now await for your detail Inquiry for our mangoes.
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