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Sandstone International Co., Ltd.
3/77 Bangna-trad K. M.3, Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand


We are Thai exporter and general trading company. We export various types of Thai rice as follows: -Thai long grain fragrant Hom-Mali (Jasmine) rice-Thai long grain white rice-Thai parboiled rice Rice origin of Thailand quality as per export standard. Packing: 5, 10, 25, 50 kgs bag Buyers in all countries are welcome. Please contact for details. We are assure you of our promptly attention and most competitive price.
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Кетчупов, томатного соуса Oyster
 Tomato Ketchups And Oyster Sauce (Кетчупов, томатного соуса Oyster)
We are Thai exporter and trading company supply various types of sauces such as Tomato Ketchup, Chili Sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Sukiyaki Sauce and Abalone sauce, etc. The products are pr
Консервированного тунца кусочками и хлопья
Sell Canned Tuna Chunks and Flakes in Brine / Veg. Oil / Sunflower Oil 185 g. At most competitive price. Packing: 48 tins x 185 g. Per carton. The products are produced by certified GMP / HACCP / ISO
Дуриан продукты
We are Thai exporter for variety Durian products such as Fresh and Frozen Durian, Durian Paste, Durian Chips and Durian Candy. The products are origin of Thailand. Buyers in all countries are welcome.
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 Canned Coconut Juice 350 Ml. (Консервы соков Кокосовый 350 мл.)
Special Offer for Canned Coconut Juice 350 ml. At most competitive price.Product details:Canned Coconut Juice with Pulp 350 ml.Packing: 24 cans x 350 ml. Per cartonLoading per 1x20 FCL is 2100 cartons
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 Canned Sardine / Mackerels 5. 5 Oz (Консервы Сардины / скумбрия 5. 5 унций)
Sell canned sardine / mackerel 5. 5 oz.- in tomato sauce- in hot tomato sauce- in tomato sauce with chili- in vegetable oil- in natural oilPacking: 100 tins (normal lids or easy-open lids) x 5. 5 oz.
Консервы Сладкая кукуруза ядра
 Canned Sweet Kernel Corn (Консервы Сладкая кукуруза ядра)
We are Thai exporter and trading company, supply various types of foods and beverages. We would like to offer you the finest quality Canned Whole Sweet Kernel Corn and Cream Style Corn.Product Details
Молодые свежие душистые кокос
 Fresh Young Fragrant Coconut (Молодые свежие душистые кокос)
We are thai exporter for finest quality fresh young fragrant coconut, nam-hom.Fresh young fragrant coconut nam-homOrigin of thailadPacking:9 coconuts per standard export cartonLoading per 1x20 fcl is
 Sauce (Соус)
We would like to offer various types of sauces.Products details:- Tomato Ketchup- Chili Sauce- Sweet Chili Sauce- Oyster Sauce- Abalone Sauce- Sukiyaki SaucePacking in various types as requested.Produ

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