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37/39 Soi Ratchada 14, Ratchdaphisek Road, Talad Plu, Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand


CK Interbiz Co., Ltd. is one of Thailand; s leading manufacturers and exporters of tropical fresh fruit and vegetables and their by products. The company specializes in cultivating and exporting fresh tropical produce such as durian, guava, mango, papaya, lychee, white coconut, pineapple, banana, dragon fruits. Mangosteens, rambutan, red rose apple, longan, ginger, pepper, lime lemon, chili, baby corn, lemongrass etc. We can provide a wide selection of seasonal produce available in Thailand all year around.The company emphasizes freshness and quality in all its products, as well as on-time delivery whether shipments are made via airfreight or seafreight.CK Interbiz Co., Ltd. is committed to providing top-quality produce for its customers, we attentively select only fresh raw materials and pay great attention to every stage of the production process. We carefully select high quality fruits, and organic and non-organic vegetables from reliable agriculturists, clean and attentively pack them to keep top condition until our customers hands. We have our own farm and warehouses located in major fruit cultivation areas to store our produce before cleaning, packing and shipping, guaranteeing the freshest possibleProduce, all come in a finely designed package. Custom orders are welcomed.If you interested in our product, please specify the kind of products you interest, then we will send you each product in detail catalog. Please contact me if you want to know more or cant find anything. I
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Key Chain ручной работы из Таиланда
 Handmade Key Chain From Thailand (Key Chain ручной работы из Таиланда)
All of our key chains are handmade products from Thailand. Each item are carefully designed and has a high quality. We have many designs available for now. No minimun order is required.
 Mangosteen (Мангостан)
CK Interbiz Co.,Ltd. is one of Thailand s leading manufacturers and exporters of tropical fresh fruit and vegetables. The company specializes in cultivating and exporting fresh tropical produce such a
 Rambutan (Рамбутан)
One of the most attractive thai fruits and also one of the most delicious when eaten at the peak of ripeness.
Тайские фрукты (манго, гуавы, Baby банан, ананас и т.д
 Thai Fruits (Mango, Guava, Baby Banana, Pineapple, etc.) (Тайские фрукты (манго, гуавы, Baby банан, ананас и т.д)
A wide varieties of well-known Thai fruits, like mango, guava, banana (baby banana,Thai sweet banana), pineapple, jackfruit, longan, longong, etc.
Мангостан сушеные корки (P l)
 Dried Mangosteen Rind (Peel) (Мангостан сушеные корки (P l))
A high quality of mangosteen dried rind (peel). Good material for herbs and health & beauty products. We are one of a biggest suppliers to provide mangosteen dried rind to companies worldwide for extr
Свежий Тайские овощи и травы
 Fresh Thai Vegetables And Herbs (Свежий Тайские овощи и травы)
A wide range of Thai fresh vegetables and herbs. Here is the list of our example fresh vegetables and herbs we provide.Pak Choi, Green Papaya, Pea Aubergines, Shiitake Dried Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroo

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