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Информация о производителе
Shouguang Tiancheng Hongli Food Co., Ltd.
East Jinguang Street,Industrial Park,Development Zone, Shouguang, Shandong, China (Mainland) Zip: 262700


We can supply frozen cauliflower with the diameter of 2-3cm,3-5cm.Outer packing:1kgx10/carton10kgx1/carton
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Замороженные Chingensai
We can supply frozen chingensai with the length of 4--5cm .Outer packing :1kgx10/carton5kgx2/carton
Замороженные Komatsuna
Shouguang Tiancheng Hongli food CO,ltd is a large scale enterprise of processing,planting ,sale -export leading agricultural enterprise in Shandong province .now we can supply frozen komatsuna with th
Замороженные кубики лука
We can supply frozen onion diced with the size of 6x6x6mm,10x10x10mm.Outer packing :15kg/carton
Замороженного картофеля кубиками
We can supply iqf potato diced with the size of 10x10x10mm.Outer packing :10kg/carton15kg/carton
Замороженный шпинат
We can supply chopped frozen spinach with the length of 4--5cm.Outer packing:1kgx10/carton5kgx2/carton10kgx1/carton
Замороженные клубничное пюре
We can supply frozen strawberry puree .Outer package : 10kg/bagOr at buyers option
Замороженные кубики Syrawberry
We can supply frozen strawberry diced ,the size from 6x6mm to 15x15 mm .Outer package :10kg/carton
Сушеные Куриная грудка мяса
 Dried Chicken Breast Meat (Сушеные Куриная грудка мяса)
Features:1) Cuts manually, keeps the crude chicken taste2) Convenient for all kinds of dogs
Сушеные Куриное мясо на груди Rawhide Stick
 Dried Chicken Breast Meats on a Rawhide Stick (Сушеные Куриное мясо на груди Rawhide Stick)
Features:1) In the process of chewing, it could eliminate the tartar2) Achieves the goal of cleaning pets teeth and nonnasality3) Exercises the dogs teeth and face-muscle4) Suitable for all kinds of d

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