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Информация о производителе
Shouguang Tiancheng Hongli Food Co., Ltd.
East Jinguang Street,Industrial Park,Development Zone, Shouguang, Shandong, China (Mainland) Zip: 262700


We can supply frozen chingensai with the length of 4--5cm .Outer packing :1kgx10/carton5kgx2/carton
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Замороженные Komatsuna
Shouguang Tiancheng Hongli food CO,ltd is a large scale enterprise of processing,planting ,sale -export leading agricultural enterprise in Shandong province .now we can supply frozen komatsuna with th
Замороженные кубики лука
We can supply frozen onion diced with the size of 6x6x6mm,10x10x10mm.Outer packing :15kg/carton
Замороженного картофеля кубиками
We can supply iqf potato diced with the size of 10x10x10mm.Outer packing :10kg/carton15kg/carton
Замороженный шпинат
We can supply chopped frozen spinach with the length of 4--5cm.Outer packing:1kgx10/carton5kgx2/carton10kgx1/carton
Замороженные клубничное пюре
We can supply frozen strawberry puree .Outer package : 10kg/bagOr at buyers option
Замороженные кубики Syrawberry
We can supply frozen strawberry diced ,the size from 6x6mm to 15x15 mm .Outer package :10kg/carton
Сушеные Куриная грудка мяса
 Dried Chicken Breast Meat (Сушеные Куриная грудка мяса)
Features:1) Cuts manually, keeps the crude chicken taste2) Convenient for all kinds of dogs
Сушеные Куриное мясо на груди Rawhide Stick
 Dried Chicken Breast Meats on a Rawhide Stick (Сушеные Куриное мясо на груди Rawhide Stick)
Features:1) In the process of chewing, it could eliminate the tartar2) Achieves the goal of cleaning pets teeth and nonnasality3) Exercises the dogs teeth and face-muscle4) Suitable for all kinds of d
Сушеные Куриная грудка полосы
 Dried Chicken Breast Strips (Сушеные Куриная грудка полосы)
We have rich experience in manufacturing of pet food.And our products have been exported to Japan, Korea, USA, HongKong , EU and other countries and regions.

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