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Thiptipa Co.,Ltd
13/5 Rangsit-Nakhonnayok Rd., Bungnumrak Thanyaburi, Pathumthani, Thailand, Thailand


Mangouste Merai RangsitMangosteen Wine with XanthoneMangouste Merai Rangsit has been made from "Queen of fruit" well known as Mangosteen, grown in selected distinguished plantation in Thailand. We select only the finest raw material from the source that are accredited by GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) to ensure the quality of our wine.In fermentation, we integrate mangosteen fruit with mangosteen rind (pericarp). This is the reason why our mangosteen wine is soft, generous tannin, rich and red color and well balanced flavour of mangosteen as well as Mangosteen rind (pericarp) is a great abundance source of Xanthone that have health benefit.Mangosteen is a source of Iron, Carbohydrate, Calcium, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin C. Mangosteen helps prevent osteoporosis, helps the digestive system and reduce cholestoral.
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