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Xinyi City Zhengkang Food Co., Ltd.
No.182 Zhongwu Road, Xinyi, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


1, Frozen whole crawfish with dill, or IQF Cajun crawfish2, Packed in tray or bag3, Processed from: May - Aug.
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Замороженные Молодые Таро
 Frozen Young Taro (Замороженные Молодые Таро)
1, Shape: sphericity or hexagan2, Size: S, SS, SSS3, Package: retail package or in bulk4, Cropped from: Nov. to Jan.
Шпинат IQF Coming
Iqf Spinach Coming (Шпинат IQF Coming)
1, Season for processing: from the beginning ofApril to may.2, Size: 4-5cm cuts, or 1*1cm or 2*2 cm, or in whole pieces3, Packed in bulk or retail packages4, Quantity available for this season: 1000mt
Клубника Coming
1, Frozen strawberry2, Variety: american no.6, all star and others3, Size: 15-25-35-up/ 5-9g/piece and 9g up4, Package: in cartons or tins/pails5, Season for processing: from mid. Of april to the end
Б. Брокколи
 AB Broccoli (Б. Брокколи)
1, Size: 2/42, Package: 10kg/carton3, Processed: in June and from Nov. to Dec.4, Organic and conventional are available
Д. лопуха
 AD Burdock (Д. лопуха)
1, Size: strip (3*3*40), slice2, Package: 10kg/ctn, 8kg/ctn3, Cropped from Jun. to Dec.
Д. капуста
 AD Cabbage (Д. капуста)
1, Size: 20*20, 30*25, 40*352, Package: 10kg/bag/carton or in retail package3, Cropped from: May to June and Oct. to Dec.4, Organic and conventional are available
Д. Лук-порей
 AD Leek (Д. Лук-порей)
1, Size: 5mm long2, Package: 30g/bag, or 5kg/bag3, Cropped from: Mar. to Apr, Sep. to Nov.
Д. Шпинат Написать
 AD Spinach Leave (Д. Шпинат Написать)
1, Leave / powder2, Package: 10kg/bag, or small package3, Processed: from the end of Mar. to Apr. and from Sep. to Oct.4, Organic and conventional are available
Свежие лопухи
 Fresh Burdock (Свежие лопухи)
1) Size:a) 3S: dia.: 0.8 - 1.2cm, length: 45cmb) 2S: dia.: 1.2 -1.5cm, length: 50cmc) S: dia.: 1.5 - 1.8cm, length: 60cmd) 2M: dia.: 1.8 - 2.2cm, length: 70cme) M: dia.: 2.2 - 2.5cm, length: 70cmf) L:

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