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Wuxi Kingship Import & Export Co., Ltd.
No.1, Building 7, Luzhuang Third District, Jincheng, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
+86-510-85408900 +85440260 +8544026


Product Name: Grid-Tie InverterModel Number: GT-1.5kWPlace of Origin: ChinaTechnical parameters:1) Isolated style: transformerless2) Recommended max. PV power: 1,800Wp3) Max. DC input voltage (-10°C, 1,000W/m2): 450V4) MPP voltage range: 150V-450 V5) Connection with PV cables: DC plug connectors6) Max. DC input current: 10A7) Nominal AC output power: 1,500W8) Total harmonic distortion (THD):9) Power factor: >0.9910) Max. efficiency: 95%11) Europe efficiency: 93.2%12) Operating range of utility voltage: 180°C 265V AC13) Operating range of utility frequency: 47.2 - 51.5Hz (can setting)14) Connection with utility grid cables: AC plug connectors15) Self consumption at night:16) Communication interfaces: RS48517) Waterproof and dustproof class (EN 60529): IP41 (indoor)18) Operation surroundings temperature: -25°C ~ +60°C19) Noise level:20) Cooling: natural cooling21) Size (W x H x D): 450 x 170 x 320mm22) Weight: 10.3kg
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