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Daqing Celestial Sun Moon Star Protein Co.
15M, International Metro Center, Shilipu, Chaoyang District, Beijing,100080, China, Beijing, Beijing, China (Mainland)


According to protein content, there are three specifications:40% protein powder (milk taste),50% protein powder (four kinds of taste) and 84.5% protein powder (milk taste).It is a new generation of high nutrient green food, which can replenish nutrition rapidly and is gradually becoming the substitute of milk powder and soybean milk powder.
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Концентрированные соевые белки
Daqing sun moon star concentrated soybean protein is non-gmo green food additive, free from cholesterol. It is made from high-quality low temperature soybean, with the process of getting rid of solubl
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Defatted Soy Protein has good solubility, emulsification, vesicant function, it is directly edible and can be used in the food processing to improve the edible quality and taste of the foods. Its prot
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We can offer the feed grade glycine as fodder additiveOur annuallly output is 30000tons
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We are one of the largest iso9001 certified manufacturers of gmo-free soy proteins in China. We are haccp approved and had got the halal certificate.Main products:Isolated soy protein 90% min.Concentr
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Main specifications:Protein content(dry basis):90% min;Gel value:20mm minPh:6.5-7.5Moisture:6.0% maxAsh:5.5% maxFat:1.0% maxFinesness(100mesh):95% minTotal bacteria(per gram):20000 maxColiform(per 100
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We, Ningxia duowei phamaceutical Co., ltd. Can supply the mentioned product with a good amount. Our company is located in Ningxia hui autonomous regine, in the North-western China, which is famous for
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We, Ningxia Duowei Phamaceutical Co., Ltd. Can supply the mentioned product with a good amount. Our company is located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regine, in the North-western China, which is famous for
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We can supply great amount of different types of Glycine, food grade, pharma grade, feed grade, tech grade.Serious importers, please feel free to contact us.

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