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Guizhou Red Star Development Duyun Luyou Co. Ltd
Daping Town Duyun City Guizhou China, Duyun, Guizhou, China (Mainland)


We are Guizhou Redstar Developing Duyunluyou Co.,Ltd, which is one of the biggest and specialized manufacturers of rosemary extract in China. Our company built in 2001,is a subsidiary company to QingDao Redstar Chemical Group Co., Ltd. which is well known as "the world Barium Salts king" and "the Asia Strontium Salts king". and our group started the research of plant extracts at 10 years ago, now we are one of the biggest manufacturers of paprika oleoresin in China.We supply various kinds of rosemary products with best price and quality. the next is the products series:Rosemary Antioxidant (Lipid Soluble)- liquidAppearance: Dark yellowish liquidMaterial Origin:Extract from Rosmarinus officinalisleaves in a vegetable oil.Carnosic Acid: 5%-20%Additives: Sunflower Oil or Salad OilSolubility: Complete soluble in lipidRosemary Antioxidant (Lipid Soluble)-powderAppearance: Yellow to Light Green PowderCarnosic Acid: 5%-25%Solubility: Complete soluble in Ethanol and OilRosemary Antioxidant (Water Soluble)-powderAppearance: Light Brown PowderRosemarinic Acid: 1%-10%Solubility: Complete soluble in WaterRosemary Antioxidant (Water Soluble)-liquidAppearance: Brown liquidRosemarinic Acid: 1%-5%Additives:EthanolSolubility: Complete soluble in Water
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Мгновенный Чай порошковые
 Instant Tea Powder (Мгновенный Чай порошковые)
This product is the extract from tea leaf. It is suitable for the application of tea beverage (e. G. Iced tea, pure tea, fruit tea, milk tea) as basic raw material or as food additive for cake, candy
Rosemarinic Acid
 Rosemarinic Acid (Rosemarinic Acid)
Rosemary antioxidant(water soluble)1.Appearance Light brown powder2.Solubility Soluble in water3.Package 500g/bag or depending on customers requirement4.Storage Sealed,room temperature5.Applications W
Rosemarinic Антиоксидантная
 Rosemarinic Antioxidant (Rosemarinic Антиоксидантная)
Rosemary antioxidant(lipid soluble)1.Appearance Light green or yellow powder (also can supply liquid)2.Solubility Soluble in ethanol and oil,but not in water3.Package 500g/bag or depending on customer
Розмари кислота, масло розмарина, Carnosic Acid
 Rosemary Acid, Rosemary Oil, Carnosic Acid (Розмари кислота, масло розмарина, Carnosic Acid)
Rosemary antioxidant(water soluble)1. Appearance light brown powder2. Solubility soluble in water3. Package 500g/bag or depending on customers requirement4. Storage sealed, room temperature5. Applicat
Розмари антиоксиданта (жирорастворимых) в жидком виде
 Rosemary Antioxidant ( Lipid Soluble ) In Liquid Form (Розмари антиоксиданта (жирорастворимых) в жидком виде)
1. Appearance Brown or black liquid2. Solubility Soluble in ethanol and oil, but not in water3. Package:180kg/metal drum or plastic drum, or depending on customers requirement4. Storage Sealed, room t
Розмари Антиоксидант, экстракт розмарина, масло розмарина
 Rosemary Antioxidant, Rosemary Extract, Rosemary Oil (Розмари Антиоксидант, экстракт розмарина, масло розмарина)
Rosemary oil1. Appearance colorless or light yellow volatile liquid2. Smell special smell of rosemary with the smell of green grass and sweet camphor3. Mixing ability 1:3 cubage of 90% ethanol4. Main
Розмари антиоксидантов, масло розмарина
 Rosemary Antioxidant, Rosemary Oil (Розмари антиоксидантов, масло розмарина)
We are in position to supply you all kinds of rosemary series products:We are not a goldsupplier, but a real manufacturer, we can offer this products with the best quality and lowest price.Rosemary an
Экстракт розмарина
 Rosemary Extract (Экстракт розмарина)
Appearance main component content test packagePowder carnosic acid carnosic acid>=5% hplc aluminum foilAnd other carnosic acid>=15% hplc bag and cartonsEffective component carnosic acid>=20% hplcCarno
Экстракт розмарина (F d Grade)
 Rosemary Extract (Feed Grade) (Экстракт розмарина (F d Grade))
Our company recently offer a mass of feed grade rosemary extract.The effective component(HPLC)is carnosic acid, carnosol and other effective component. Total content of carnosic acid and carnosol no l

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