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Yiwu Hezi Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd
Room 1111 Jinmao Building. No 699 Chouzhou North Road Yiwu,, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


Sell EarringThere are many kinds of this product
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336x280 banner
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 Earring (Серьги)
Sell EarringThere are many kinds of this product
Подарки моды
 Fashion Gifts (Подарки моды)
Yiwu hezi imp. Exp. Co., ltd was established in august, 2003. Integrating technology, industry and trading, we are both manufacturer and seller of our products. We have five branch companies, namely,
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 Gold And Silver Toys (Золото и серебро игрушки)
Never before in the world! ! ! Amazing magic egg that sprouts a plant with a message. It is to use the special technique, laser carving. To carve the wordings as" I love you", "happy bi
Lover Magic Egg
 Lover Magic Egg (Lover Magic Egg)
1. Open the back2. Slice off the top part of the egg.A magic bean will be inside.3. Pour into enough water at the first time then water every two to three days.4 waiting for 3-5days, a special message
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 Magic Bean (Magic Bean)
Product name: Magic beanSize:9.2x6.8cmCBM:55x40x45cm
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 Magic Beans (Волшебные бобы)
We can provide many kinds of magic beans and eggs, we assure of favourible price and good qulity, welcome order to us! Thank you
Волшебные бобы
 Magic Beans (Волшебные бобы)
1. Pour in 2 / 3 of special magic bean soil.2. Place the magic bean in the center of the special magic bean soil, with the underside (black line) facing downward3. Cover the amazing magic bean with th
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 Magic Egg (Magic Egg)
Product name: Magic eggSize: 7. 7x5. 5cmCBM: 49x26x50cmMaterial: Ceramics
Magic Яйца
 Magic Eggs (Magic Яйца)
Magic egg: do you know egg plantOur magic egg collection is the perfect gift for you to express your feeling, such as love (I love you) , sorry, miss ect. The such message we made on the bean by laser

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