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Shangyu Wan Shi Da Umbrella Operation Co., Ltd.
Qinlian Village, Songxia Town, Shangyu, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)


1Product Name: Straight UmbrellaPlace of Origin: China) ribs:24K2) Material: 190Tnylon
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Прямо Umbrella
 Straight Umbrella (Прямо Umbrella)
1Product Name: Straight UmbrellaPlace of Origin: China) ribs:16K2) Material: 190Tnylon
Вс Umbrella
 Sun Umbrella (Вс Umbrella)
 Our company is located in in the township that makes the umbrella --The Chinese loose town industrial park of tall building of umbrella city, the traffic is extremely convenient . Since the co
Путешествие палаток
 Travelling Tent (Путешествие палаток)
Product Name: Travelling TentPlace of Origin: ChinaSize: 3x3mMaterial: 600D oxford clothFrame: aluminium or metal frame( powder coated)Dimension: out pipe: 3x3cm, inner pipe: 2.5x2.5cm, extend frame:
Golf Umbrella
Golf Umbrella (Golf Umbrella)
Size:75cmFabric:190t polyster straight shaft
Рекламного флага
We can supply advertising flags in any size and good quality
Туристическая палатка
Specifications:1) Size: 3x 3m2) Material: 210 D oxford3) steel frmaethe camping tent is carry home one,can the mode is beautiful .we can produce them with the best price and good quality .
Детский зонтик
Features:1) Size: 53.5cm x8k2) Metal frame3) Plastic handle4) EVA cloth
EVA Реклама Umbrella
Product Name: EVA Advertisement UmbrellaPlace of Origin: ChinaSpecifications:1) Various colors available2) Size: 21"--23"3) Cloth: EVA4)metal frame5)Handle:EVA,plastic
Цветочные своды с дном
Flower Coving With BottomModel No: WSD-10515Origin: ChinaProduct Description: Features:1) Opening diameter and high: 106cm; 81cm2) Material: Transpaent PE and PVC3) Fiber frame

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