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Shanghai Chunxu Mould Industrial Co., Ltd.
No. 5008, Zhennan Road, Shanghai, China (Mainland) Zip: 201811


Replacing the traditional method of molding which used the wooden board and the steel plate, this plastic case used the craft of one-time rotational molding. The advantage of this method is following: preventing the impact, erosion. Having the higher intensity, being convenient to carry, not easy to be damaged. The field operations case can keep the temperature to -13°c, which conform to the country sanitation standard and also has the beautiful appearance. Our company manages this aspect strictly according to the international quality system iso9001-2000, and has obtained consistent high comment of our customer.We can do for you as lies,1.To protect the patent first2.You can provide your products drawing and sample for us,we can make it to cnc,and manufacture the mould3.We can depent on the mould to manufacture the product for you.If you have any question you can contact me.And good luck.
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