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Wuxi J&J International Trade Co., Ltd.
(9/F,Building B,Guoxin Mansion),No.72 North Street, Beitang, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Fiberglass adumbral fabric (adumbral curtain), preventing burning curtain, fireproofcurtain is different from various traditional window screening, which is producedby special processing with technology of America FEIFU Company. Such adumbralcurtain could prevent sunlight and ultraviolet rays and provide a nature environmentfor you which is good for healthy. It will enhance your living quality and make youfeel comfortable. Its function of heat insulation will benefit the growth ofindoor plant. one-way perspective characteristic will not only ensure privacy, buteyeshot.The main properties and characteristics of fiberglass sun shade fabric, preventingburning curtain manufactured by our company are resistance of acid, alkali andother chemical corrosion, light aging resistance, climate resistance , high tensileintensity, preventing burning, ultraviolet radiation resistance; low coefficientof heat expansion and cold shrinkage, proper mesh hole, non-displacement ofwarp and weft, beautiful and durable.The curtain is widely used at abroad, in recent years it has also been spread wellin our country. It can be used in hotel, office building, villa, top-grade residence,car, rest sites, swimming pool and beach.The typical characteristics is double effective and economical.1. Adumbral and heat insulation. Lower charge of air-condition up to 60%, and savethe energy greatly2. Provides a beneficial vision environment and ensure the indoor brightness.Main Products specifications:1. Color: white, milk white, grey, black, white-grey2. Gauge of cloth (piece/inch): 46x40, 60x163. Histological structure: plain weaving, 2x2, 6x1,1x1,2x1,3x24. Diameter: 0.011" and 0.013"5. Material: PVC coated fiberglass, PVC coated chemical fibre6. Amount: 35%, 50%, 65%, 70%7. Void ratio: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%8. Range: 12" to 110"Type: 1. Fiberglass adumbral fabric (adumbral curtain) (Fireproofing type)
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