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Информация о производителе
Shenzhen New Route Impt. & Expt. Co., Ltd.
Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Light tent/box for digital photographyTwisting and packed with the flat bag
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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Фартук запасам
Apron, madewith cotton fabric with embroideryBar apron, made with cotton fabric with embroideryPlease contact us for information in details.
Одеяла и Сетка
BlanketWool and acrylicWeight: As per the buyers reqirementSize: As per the buyers requirementMosquito netNylon materialStyle: Amrican style and british style
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Knife and machete for cutting cane and small wood/plantDifferent size and different materialNo charge for moulding if the quantity above 2000 pcs.
Комбинезон И в целом рабочая одежда
Coverall and overallCotton fabric or t/c fabric,20 x 20(yarn),108 x 58(density), twillOlive green, grey, blue, orange...Size: As per the buyers requirementQuantity: To be large enough to form an ordin
Duffle сумка
Duffle bagFabric: Cotton canvasOxford fabric water proofColour: Khaki, olive green, blue
Большая палатка
Large tentSize:4.8 x 4.8m(or as per the buyers requirement)Central height:3.5mWall height:1.8mFabric: Polyester, water proof
Набивные ткани
Fabric specification:Camouflage pattern42/2 x 21,124 x 69,42/2 x 21,84 x 64,20 x 20,108 x 58,Or as per the buyers requirement
Простые палаток
Simple tentOlive green or camouflageFabric: Polyester, water proof
Спальный мешок
Sleeping bagSize: As per the buyers requirementStyle: American style, british style or as per the buyers requirementColour: Olive green or camouflage

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