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Rede boyi.Instrument Co.,Ltd
413 Fu Shin Rd.,, Yung Kang, TW, Taiwan


It is used to test the compressing resistance of high grade concrete, stone, brick and other material. The examine machine is easy to operate and the upper board space adopts auto ascend and displays data result. It can be print the test result automotively and connect with internet.Main specificationsMax. Load capacity: 2000KNGrade of precision: 1 gradeMeasuring range: 20-2000KNVertical clearance: 320mmPlatens dimension: 320x260mmPower: 0. 75kwNet weight: 1000kg
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Max core diameter: Dia. 150mmMax core deep: 400mmPower: 2. 2 KWVoltage: 220VDimension (mm) : 470X235X880It mainly used to produce cores from concrete and other similar hard materials. It is easy be op
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Cube moulds for concrete hardened testing material is cast iron machined surface finished by flat grinding machine. No distortion during specimen preparation and the specification according en12390 an
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Electric blastic drying ovenFor baking, drying, heat treating and other purposes of heating of matter (but it is not suitable for drying flammable matter. Otherwise, it may cause explosion) .
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Main specificationsMax core diameter: Dia.150mmMax core deep:400mmPower:2.2 KWVoltage:220VDimension(mm):470X235X880It mainly used to produce cores from concrete and other similar hard materials. It is
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It adopts count automatic control system to control the process automatically, having the high accurate.Main specification:Model and specification: ljs-1Hammer weight: 4. 536kgSpeed: 60times / minuteH
Пенетрометр для асфальтовых материалов / Soft Point Tester / Comp t
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Test the plasticity of lubricating grease and the hardness of bitument.Main specifications:Time setting:5,8,10,12,30,60sMeasurement range:620(Pen unit)Bitumen needle:2.5+-0.05gFull scale cone:102.5+-0
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Soil / concrete / asphalt test appartus

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