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Anli Industrial&Trading Ltd
Tiannan Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China (Mainland)


Anli Industrial & Trading Co.,Ltd. Which is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of wire mesh products, further processed mesh products and filters. We are glad to take the chance to introduce our high quality products to your esteemed company. Please refer to the products as follows.Galvanized Wire, PVC coated wire, Black soft wire, Barbed Wire, Razor Tape Barbed Wire, Binding wire, welded mesh, Stainless Steel wire mesh discs, woven mesh, Hexagonal mesh, Expanded metal mesh, Aluminum Alloy Mesh, Plastic netting, PVC coated welded mesh, Window Screen, Stainless Steel Wire mesh, Fence, Chain Link Fence, Filter, Knitted Wire mesh Demister, Demister Wire Mesh pad, Wire Mesh Strainers, Frying baskets, mesh basin, Flexible Basket(Vegetable Washing Basket), Wide Rim Strainer, Oil Sieves, Portable Oil Sieves, Boiled rack, Food Cover, basket wire, Tea Strainers/Infuser, Sink Drainer, Strainers, Skimmers, Mesh Basket, Conveyor belt netting, Fully Annealed speaker mesh, Barbecue Wire Mesh, Grills, Springs, Clips, pins, nails, Screws Eyes, etc. At the same time, we can offer the products according to customers special demand.In the end, should any of our products are in your favour, please tell us without any hesitation. We assure you both of our high quality products and best services at all times.For your information, in our trade with customers, we always adhere to the principle of equality, mutual benefit and the exchange of needed goods thus, by our joint efforts, to promote both business and friendship to our mutual advantage.
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