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Sunny Precise Mould Products Factory
Intersection of Longnan Road, Longdong Village, Longgang Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (Mainland) Zip: 518


Product Name: Filter Bag FabricPlace of Origin: ChinaFilter bags are produced of different fibers. Depending on the filter, we produce more than 10,000 different types (e.g: snap ring/double cord, cuff with cord or ring) in the required dimensions, design and qualities. Supporting cages can be delivered on demand.Kinds of material:Terylene (polyester) needle feltPolypropylene needle feltAcrylonitrile needle feltMetamax (Aramid) needle feltPPS (p-phenylene sulfide) needle feltP84 (polyimide) needle feltHigh temperature resistant compound needle feltFiberglass filter feltContinuous fiberglass wovenBulk fiberglass wovenKinds of special functions:Waterproof and oil proof filter materialAnti-static filter materialCoated filter material
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Полипропиленовая ткань фильтра
 Polypropylene Filter Cloth (Полипропиленовая ткань фильтра)
Product Name: Polypropylene Filter ClothModel Number: PP monofilament filter cloth 3138Place of Origin: ChinaSpecifications:Anti acidAnti alkaliAnti hydrolyzationOxygenation resistantMildrew resistant
Полипропиленовая ткань фильтра
 Polypropylene Filter Cloth (Полипропиленовая ткань фильтра)
Specifications:Anti acidAnti alkaliAnti hydrolyzationOxygenation resistantMildrew resistantSuite normal or lower temperature working conditionsMain applications:Separation in solid and liquid to equip
ПВХ ткани ламинированные
 PVC Laminated Fabric (ПВХ ткани ламинированные)
Product Name: PVC Laminated FabricPlace of Origin: ChinaWe can supply PVC laminated fabric200Dx200D, 200Dx500D, 500Dx500D, 500Dx1000DWeight: 320g - 610gThickness: 0.32mm - 0.52mmWidth: 1.02m -3.2mProd
Бассейн Safety Net Ткани
 Swimming Pool Safety Net Fabric (Бассейн Safety Net Ткани)
Made by PVC coated high tenacity polyester knitting mesh fabricFeature:1) Material: PVC coated high tenacity polyester yarn 1100dtex2) Weave: Plain weaving3) Width: 3" - 112"4) Color: Olive
Брезент Cloth
 Tarpaulin Cloth (Брезент Cloth)
Features:1) Double-polyvinyl chloride-coated waterproof and fireproof cloth2) Double-polyvinyl chloride-coated waterproof and fireproof tarpaulin3) PVC fireproof fiber mouse-proof tarpaulin cloth used
Италия - технические ткани для фотогравюра, шелкографии и фильтрации (2006
Italian company, founded in 1974, specializes in the production of technical fabrics for photogravure, serigraphy and filtration.The fabric is mounted on printing squares, engraved and thus used to pr
We supply tarpaulin, plastic sheetings, our products are good in quality and low in price, please contact us
В середине Циклоны Конвейер цемента или алюминиевый порошок, Etc
Airslide Fabric is usually used to conveyor the dry cement powder. Airslide fabrics is employed in equipment and plants with pneumatic conveyors for discharging or homogenizing powdered or granular bu
Воздушные Авто-Pad
 Air Slide Pad (Воздушные Авто-Pad)
Product Name: Air Slide PadPlace of Origin: ChinaMainly used for the aeration of bulk powder and granular in silos and silo wagons.Packing:An international packing to withstand rough handling in trans

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