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Ankuva Green House&Ankuva LED
Ankuva A. V. Center, Ankara, Turkey


This product is called detector and message annunciatior. This product is from soundtron, make hongkong.Applications:*point of purchase advertising and sales*safty announcments*security detection and deterrence.Features:*detect people and announces messages*built-in audio amplifier with 4 inch speaker.*records and ply back up to four 16 second announcments singly or on sequence, or one 32 second announcment.*infraed detector range 35 feet, coverege area 500 feet.*records from built-in microphone or external tape recorder.*size-8 1/4 h x 5 w x 4 1/8 d in inches.*includes AC adapter and mounting bracket.*ul approved.*fcc approved.Imprtent:Soundtron speaks your language pa-125
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336x280 banner
336x280 banner
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